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Banish mosquitoes naturally on the cheap

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mosquitoWe all hate those pesky insects. They buzz, they bite, then we itch. If you are like me, chemical solutions aren't an option for you. Neither is the supposedly effective but very expensive Mosquito Magnet.

Then what's a person who respects the integrity of their itch-less skin supposed to do?

Check out our own Gary Sattler's suggestions or the article on Ten Thrifty Ways to Deal with Mosquitoes over at Thrifty Mommy.

She's got great tips to eliminate standing water and resting places for mosquitoes.

Certain plants will deter mosquitoes, among them marigolds and lavender, so plant them and feel confident. Also, did you know that mosquitoes are attracted to dark clothing? It gives new meaning to the term "summer whites," for sure. If you implement some of these great tips, you are sure to end up with less mosquito bites and more inner peace.

Do you have any inexpensive tricks on how to repel mosquitoes?


  • Sid

    We were in Rosarito, Mexico and around the perimeter of a little taco stand (at an ungodly hour!) we noticed the owner's had hung from nails around the ceiling/border/soffit (about 2 feet above our heads) plastic sandwich bags with water and little strips of aluminum foil in them. After stumbling through our language- and alcohol-communication barriers, they told us this warded off mosquitos. And indeed, despite how infested our living area was with the little buggers, there were none biting us as we ate our fish tacos. I've emailed all my smart and dumb friends, but haven't heard a scientific reason why this would work. We've tried it at parties, and have found it works. Thoughts?

  • Keith McDuffee

    Maybe those water bags were meant for houseflies?

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