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Have some duct tape or plastic bags handy? If so, you have the key materials to make your own wallet.

walletHave you ever found yourself with so much money that you simply don't know what to do with it all? If you try to stuff all those $100 and $500 bills in your pockets, you'll eventually run out of space and have money flying all over the place! Of course, you could use some of that spare cash to buy a real wallet, but where's the fun in that? True DIYers know that half the fun of having money is making your own wallet to store it in ... am I right? Am I right?! From duct tape to playing cards, let's take a quick look at what DIY wallet options await the crafty, paper-money hoarder.

The Duct Tape Wallet - Simple, elegant, and sometimes sticky, the classic duct tape wallet was the catalyst that sparked the DIY wallet revolution.

The Plastic Bag Wallet - This type of wallet lends itself to all sorts of cool designs, but you have to learn the fine art of ironing plastic bags, which isn't easy.

The Playing Card Wallet - Impress friends at your next Texas Hold 'em tournament by pulling your money from this cool wallet made from playing cards, and then impress them again by losing all of your money two hours later on trip nines on the river. Curse you lady luck!!!

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The Soy Milk Carton Wallet - Got soy milk? Got an empty soy milk carton? If so, you could be sporting this fashionable wallet all around town. I'm not sure how wild I'd be about sitting on the plastic lid all day, but maybe that's just me.

The Cassette Tape Wallet
- If the idea of sitting on a plastic milk lid all day doesn't turn you on, perhaps you'd warm to the idea of sitting on an old school cassette tape wallet. Remember when you used to record the radio all day, hoping you could catch Technotronic's Pump Up the Jam? Well, now that tape can finally come in handy.

The Paper Wallet - This might be my favorite of the batch, but I definitely wouldn't stick my butt too close to the fire if I were carrying one of these suckers.

If you're looking for a cool bag to store your new DIY wallet, try this little number, made entirely from trash bags.

And if you're looking for even more DIY wallet plans, check out this uber-list over at Instructables.

If you try all these wallets, and still can't find enough places to store your spare cash, simply e-mail me and I'd be happy to take some of it off your hands. Seriously.

[via MetaFilter]



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