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hot glue gunI admit it: I am addicted to my hot glue gun. Where others wield hammers and screwdrivers, the only thing you'll find in my holster is a hot glue gun. And I cannot imagine any other tool being a stay-at-home mom's lifesaver like my glue gun is for me.

What have I done with it this week?

I have stretched fabric around a wooden cutout of a castle to make a headboard for my son. Not only did I attach the batting and fabric for the base, but I also glued on all of the details -- windows, doors, turrets and flags -- using my handy-dandy glue gun.

  • I repaired the wheels on my toddler's cheapo plastic golf cart. It rolls like Tiger Woods' cart, now.
  • The missing button on the snowman ornament that my toddler has been carrying around since Christmas is now back in action.
  • You know those keys that the toddler pulled off his toy laptop that have been appearing all over the house? They are glued right back where they belong.
  • I've put that Babybug magazine with the story about Evan's hiding places back together, so the story can actually be read in order once again. Now what could be more important than that?
What kinds of things does your glue gun do for you?


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