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electrical work is dangerousAnything done improperly can be dangerous. Walking, breathing, even drinking water can be lethal if you're clueless. Logically, if you ramp up the inherent danger, the net of "improper behavior" gets a lot wider.

Case in point: electrical work. Toying around with house wiring is no joke. Even though our voltages might not kill you instantly, the resulting fires that can ensue from improperly wired connections is a very real threat.

Electrical Construction and Maintenance points out that a rise in DIY support from big-box retailers might be fueling a rise in risk. The proliferation of big box stores catering to the weekend warrior set has something to do with it, but ultimately a person is either going to do a project or not. Hardware stores have always been around. The key is having a good understanding of what you are doing. If any portion of an electrical project is confusing, stop and seek professional help. When it comes to electrical, always err on the safe side!


  • Michael Rose

    Just remember to turn off the power at the breaker box, wear non-conductive shoes, and never ever strip telephone wire with your teeth (it carries current!!).

  • Gordy

    Also check your splices/connections after a few days. If anything looks brown or melted, disconnect and consult a professional.

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