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Make your own colored sand

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The feel of sand falling through your fingertips brings to mind visions of the tide peacefully rolling in and out while a cool breeze caresses your neck. Sand often brings out the inner child at any age. There is the dark sand of a wave beaten beach, the white sand of the warm Caribbean and there is rainbow colored sand. Whether you are a small person who enjoys digging and pouring or a budding artist, colored sand is sure to catch some body's eye.

Colored sand can be bought in almost any craft store, but it is also fairly easy to make.

All you need is:
  • sand
  • food coloring
  • containers for mixing
Here is what you do:

Simply place sand in a container, cover it with enough water to submerge the granules and then add copious amounts of food coloring. Let the mixture stand until you get the color you like, this may take time. Drain away the extra water and let the sand dry on paper towels.

This recipe works for small amounts of sand, or the amounts you are willing to let sit in piles around your house as it dries. It makes for an afternoon of good fun for just about any age.



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