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How many priceless, underwater family moments have you missed because you didn't have a waterproof camera? Remember that time little Jimmy got his first base hit in underwater tee ball? Or what about when Samantha ate her first solid food underwater? Sadly, those picture perfect moments are gone forever, but that doesn't mean you have to miss them in the future. With a little ingenuity, and a couple condoms, you'll be able to capture all your aquatic memories.


  1. A couple condoms, preferably clear and non-lubricated
  2. Wetsuit glue
  3. A cardboard tube large enough to fit over your camera lense
  4. A desiccant bag (those little bags that you find in a box of new shoes)


  1. Good knot-tying ability


Just long enough for you to slip a couple condoms over a boxy camera, and for your wetsuit glue to cure.


  1. Cut the cardboard tube so that it's tall enough to keep the condom off your lense, yet short enough so that it won't show up in the frame. (example)
  2. Carefully roll the first condom over your camera.
  3. Once the condom is on, drop in your desiccant bag. Make sure it doesn't land somewhere that it might obstruct your camera's functionality (e.g. blocking the picture button or the viewfinder screen).
  4. Tie off the end of the first condom, and place some wetsuit glue above the knot, inside the condom. (example)
  5. Once the wetsuit glue has cured, roll on a second condom in the opposite direction that you rolled the first.
  6. Tie off the second condom, and apply wetsuit glue in the same place as the first.

That's it! Now that you've double sealed your camera, feel free to take it for a spin in the closest body of water.

You can use this technique to waterproof virtually any item that will fit inside a condom. The original author of this tutorial also created a video to demonstrate the effectiveness of this technique with a cellphone. Fast forward to 2:07 to see him actually use his phone while underwater. Totally cool. I wonder if you put enough wetsuit glue around the headphone cable if this might work with an iPod? Or an iPhone even! Who's willing to give it a try?!

[via DIY Photography ]

  • Willy Volk

    Cool trick -- but it's important to remember that camera housings exist for two reasons:
    * to keep the camera dry; AND
    *to protect it from being crushed at depth.

    In other words, while this might work for some fun beach-time snorkeling, it will probably kill the camera if you take it any deeper than about 7 feet.

    Also, bear in mind that condoms break *about 1% of the time* ( -- and that's when they're being used in the manner for which they were designed. I'd sure hate to lose the gamble on my new digital camera.

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