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three soapsIf you make your own soap as I do, then you probably get a hankering for creating some fresh, clean scented soaps for summer.

And again, if you are like me, you only use essential oils and other natural essences to scent your soaps.

Sometimes creating blends can be tricky, especially for beginners, because you aren't quite sure how to balance the different scents out, or maybe your scent blends evaporate too quickly out of the soap because they aren't grounded well.

Here are some classic and some not-so-familiar blends, kept simple, that you might enjoy this summer.
two parts lavender
two parts pink grapefruit
one part rosemary

three parts lime
one part patchouli
one part vanilla-infused fractionated coconut oil

three parts blood orange
one part sandalwood
one part ylang ylang

one part lemongrass
one part lavender
one part vanilla-infused fractionated coconut oil

Still not feeling confident trying these easy blends? Try reading this blending tutorial. If you've got some time to experiment, you can create your own blends using David Fisher's method.

There is nothing like the satisfaction of showering with your own, handmade soap. So step out and try some new blends today.

What are some of your favorite summer scent blends?


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