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A soapmaker's swirling secret

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chopsticks and soapIf you love sushi and make soap, then keep reading, very closely. I'll tell you how the two connect.

Take-out chopsticks.

Chopsticks are the only tool I will use to make swirls in my soap. They are the perfect size, you can keep them attached and use them double-strength for thicker batches of soap, and they are free.

After pouring layers of non-colored soap and soap with added herbs or clays for color, I insert a chopstick and move it in small circles across the length of the mold until the top layer of soap looks swirly.

It honestly solves a problem in my household, too. It seems that for three people, we order an absurd amount of sushi, because we always are given at least six sets of chopsticks. Rather than waste them, or dedicate an entire storage unit for them, I swirl. It's a win-win situation.

If you need a swirling tutorial, try Teach Soap.

  • Benn

    I used to do soap carving when I was a kid. Never tried making my own, though.

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