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Build your own Predator drone

Filed Under: toys, photography, robotics, electronics

Chris Anderson put together his own Predator style R/C airplane drone that can actually go on autonomous picture taking missions. After strapping a 7 mega-pixel Pentax camera to it, he installed a nice small GPS guidance system.

Once the landing gear is disengaged, the GPS system takes over and directs the planes through up to 20 predetermined waypoints. Chris points out all the details, but you'll need some R/C experience before attempting this project on your own.

NOTE: don't depend on R/C airplane insurance to cover it, autonomous airplanes were specifically excluded from last membership form I checked out. [Via]


  • Fletcher

    That's phenomenal. Having spent last evening trying to help my son get a twin engine Estes RC plane to stay in the air (damage tally: one sheared wing, repaired, two notches in wings from barbed wire fence collision and one detached nose wheel) I'm in awe of anyone who can fly these things via RC, let alone autonomously.

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