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DIY Snapshot: It is all about you

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snapshotWe love our readers here at DIY Life. We've never met another bunch of more intelligent, thoughtful, creative, and fun people anywhere. This entire blog is a tribute to the ingenuity that exists inside our own heads, our bloggers and readers included.

DIY Snapshot is your friendly blogging team taking a step back, and putting you in the spotlight, showcasing a DIY project that you have completed. If you have a DIY project gone wrong, or gone right, we want to hear about it. Each week we'll pick a fun DIY project that a DIY Life reader has completed and showcase it here for the world to see.

What we need from you to showcase your project:
  • a basic description of the project you're doing, and why
  • what you had to do to complete the project, this can be basic or detailed steps you took
  • how long it took you and any tool or materials you needed
  • a photo/video of the finished project (optional, but strongly recommended) and your permission to use the photo/video in the post about your project should you be chosen. NOTE: We will not accept photos/videos in email. Please upload your photos or videos to Flickr, and videos to either YouTube or AOL's UnCut video, and email us the link to your media. Also, please tag your photos with diylife on Flickr, which just makes it easier for us to find your pix.


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