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Knitting needle bracelets

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knitting needle braceletsJodie, a fellow crafty blogger at Ric-Rac, made some fun, easy bracelets using plastic knitting needles and a pan of boiling water. Its a fun and fairly simple way to show your love for knitting or simply for cool and slightly wacky accessories.

By simply boiling the knitting needles to soften the plastic so that it is pliable, she was able to form them around a form to create a cool bracelet. This would make the perfect gift for your awesome and trendy friend that just happens to be a knitting freak.

She does warn that you may want to have a pan you set aside just for this project because the plastic may let chemicals into the pan. As crafters we are more than used to having extras of many things that are just for crafts so that shouldn't be a big deal should it?

The next time you are at your local craft store, pick up some plastic knitting needles and give this one a try. Have fun but be careful since this does involve boiling water and hot plastic.


  • evelyn peck

    this looks really unique! I am going to try this but take it a step further by adding findings or charms to it and maybe earrings to match..evelyn

  • M.E. Williams

    Pony makes plastic needles for kids that are a little shorter than regular needles, and the finial bit at the top is a cute animal character, a cat/bunny sort of thing. The two needles are different colors, which is supposed to make it easier for kids to learn to knit (one needle will always be the knit needle, the other the purl needle, if they're doing stockinette stitch). I've seen them at Jo-Ann, and I think they would be totally awesome for this project! They're a little short, but that's OK, they don't need to cross at the ends to make a cute bracelet.

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