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Mystery tool: something that turns

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diy life myster toolEvery so often DIY Life will post up a gallery featuring some odd bit of tool (old or new) that appears impenetrable. That is, we've no idea what it is. Or maybe we do know what it is, but we're wondering if you've ever seen such a thing.

To start things off, I traveled to my father-in-law's house for a look at some tools that were quite old indeed. As you can see from the picture, it's a bit rusty. But look through the gallery and see if you can figure out what this thing did-- back when you could see the metal under that rust.

DIY Mystery Tool July 16 2007(click thumbnails to view gallery)

what is it?mystery toolmystery tool?


  • Andy

    It's a tenon cutter. An example of the modern equivalent:,2180,41007

    That one is made for a brace.

  • dan diemer

    wrong andy, it is of course and ancient Breast Pump from the pioneer days. They used to fashion these tools out of metal pulled from fallen pony express riders fillings.

  • Ryan Carter

    I personally think it is a dark ages truffle cutter. Eating the vile expensive-mushrooms was a luxurious delicacy and thus the cause of many a castle scandal and led the depleted amount of truffles that exist today when they were over-farmed. This tool was made to shave off a perfect slice for raven pie and other fancy recipes.

    Just imagine Emeril in armor on a horse. Bam bam!


    DIY ROCKS !!!!!!!!!

  • Paul


    I think your close, but notice how the cutter body bottoms out just past the blade. I don't think you'd get a tenon out of that as much as you would a point. How about a cutter for putting points on posts to make them easier to drive into the ground? It seems a bit small for that (hard to tell from the picture) but that's the best guess I've got.

    @Dan Diemer - Too Funny!!!

  • Patrick Farr

    uh, is it a tool for blowing glass? heck I don't know but that is the closest guess I have... :)

  • jbseymour

    I think it is a auger bit (drill bit) used with an auger (drill) to put a point on the end of a piece of wood or to chamfer the edges of something.

  • Ed

    It's definately for making stakes.. most likely for slaying vampire, or at least staking out you tomatoes and making fences etc..

  • bucky

    Well I"ll be gosh darned ! Ive been missin this since me and Babe moved outa the north woods up to Alaska! Please tell me how I can get it back quick cause my toenails is gettin pretty dam long!! yours truely, Paul....

  • cathy sutton

    Why can I only add comments on the day after the contest or in an unrelated section of DIY??????

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