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Make your own salt scrub

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The summer months can be pretty hard on the skin. With all the outdoor activities and sun exposure, my skin looks and feels dry and dull by the middle of July. From time to time I will have a gift certificate to a spa for a slat rub and I come out feeling like a new woman. But as a single mother of three kids, I never buy a certificate for myself so I have resorted to creating my own salt scrubs from a recipe my friend gave me.

Salt scrub recipes come in many forms and many sizes. Some recipes require a variety of essential oils and scents while others are all about simplicity. I like a sweet and simple recipe since my life is fairly hectic and my spare time is minimal. I also make my scrubs up as I go so that I don't have to worry about shelf life The basic gist of the recipe I use is to include a couple different kids of salts to scrub the grub, some oils to soothe the skin and some scent to calm the nerves. My favorite concoction is as follows:

  • 2 T. Epsom salt
  • 2 T. table salt
  • 2 T. sweet almond oil
  • 2 T. organic, extra virgin olive oil
  • lavender oil to suit my nose
Simply mix the above together, let sit for a few minutes and then rub on to your rough, dry skin and let sit for however long feels good. Follow with a warm, soothing bath for some peace of mind, body and soul.


  • Lisa Hoover

    This is terrific and I plan to try it this weekend. Quick question: I don't care for the smell of almonds. What should I use in its place, or should I just double up on the EVVO? Thanks!

  • Charles Fox

    Good tip Lisa!

  • Charles Fox

    Good Tip Lisa!

  • Heather

    You can use calendula oil, available at most health food stores, or doubling the olive oil will work. Calendula oil is great for dry skin.

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