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coke bottleMost people recycle plastics and other materials to help take care of the earth. In some areas, such as rural neighborhoods, recycling programs are not yet in place and it is hard to recycle all of your bottles, newspapers, and other materials. If this is the case where you live and recycling is near impossible, you can still help reduce landfill waste (a little) and conserve space in your trash can without having to buy a hulking trash compactor to install in your house.

All you need is a pair of scissors to make this world a better place. When you throw away any milk cartons, cereal boxes or other similar items that generally take up a lot of trash bag space, simply cut from one end to the other with scissors. You may want to buy a pair of scissors to dedicate to this task so your good scissors aren't always full of garbage juice, and affix them to the side of a cabinet with velcro, or put them in a nearby drawer.

This deconstruction of trash is an easy way to be sure you maximize the space in your trash bag and it doesn't take more than a minute. In general the bulky items that take up too much space are the ones that aren't gross, like milk jugs, cereal boxes, and other food containers.

Another quick tip to reduce wasted space in your trash bag is to simply fill up the empty space with other trash. Put paper plates, and other trash into an empty cereal box. Easy as pie, but not pie you would want to eat, more like pie past its prime. All it takes is a conscious effort on your part to put smaller things inside bigger things as you throw things away. Perhaps you don't want to be that intimate with your refuse, but doing so will keep things flattened and maybe even help the environment, just a tiny bit!

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    To reduce kitchen trash and the related odors, start a compost bin. It's easy and great if you have flowers and/or gardens.

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