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Owning a movie theater has taught me the importance of a fresh-smelling auditorium, and nothing makes a theater smell fresher than frequent mopping and Febreze. In the early days, we were burning through a bottle of Febreze nearly every month, which became so expensive that it nearly put us out of business... among other things (my work-related Wii excluded). Eventually I got the bright idea that it might be cheaper to roll our own fabric refreshener rather than emptying out our nascent 401(k) to pay for the name-brand stuff.

If you're not looking for anything special to kill germs or neutralize pet odor, this might be something you could use to help save a few bucks. Basically, all it does is make whatever you spray it on smell good. All you really need is some fabric softener (choose whatever scent you like) and water. Mix it up at a ratio of 3 to 1 (water to fabric softener), and spray it to your heart's content. There's all kinds of recipes for homemade Febreze floating around the internet, but this one is the simplest, and, in my opinion, the most effective. In fact, I think our DIY fabric refreshener smells better longer than the name-brand stuff, but your mileage may vary depending on the type of fabric softener you choose.

  • Bruce

    You meant 3 parts water to 1 part fabric softener, right?

  • Sola

    Not a fan. My husband is vastly allergic to both Febreeze and fabric softners, and he is not alone; either solution would have him wheezing as soon as we walked in the theatre.

    Instead, may i suggest one teaspoon lemon oil and one teaspoon sage oil in a large (2-pint at least) spray bottle? It does an excellent job of removing odor, and is much less likely to trigger allergies in customers.

  • Dan Chilton

    Good catch Bruce! I had those flipped. FIXED IT!

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