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vinegarVinegar is a largely under appreciated household item. Sure it's great when it comes time to decorate Easter eggs or when composing a tossed salad, but other than that vinegar just doesn't get much attention. Vinegar actually has more uses than most of us can even imagine, below I'll outline a few of my favorites:

  • Unclogging and deodorizing drains. I like this one because it is also a recipe for the at-home volcanoes that I make with my kids. A half cup of baking soda combined with one cup of vinegar poured through a funnel and into the drain starts the process. The foaming action of the combo is supposed to unclog your drain and leave it odor free. After the mixture does its trick, use a hot water flush on the drain followed five minutes later with a cold water flush.
  • Smoke deodorizer. I like this one because I hate the smell of smoke as much I hate the fake smell of most room fresheners. Simply fill a container 3/4 full with white or cider vinegar and let stand in the smelly room for about a day. By then end of the day the room will be without any stench.
  • Cleaning piano keys. My almost three year-old son loves to play our piano. He never stops to ponder the state of his hands and often i find spots of peanut butter and jelly lurking on the ivories. A carefully rung cloth dipped in a solution of equal parts vinegar and water will do the trick from now on.
I think one of the aspects about vinegar that I most appreciate is that it is non-toxic and environmentally friendly. I will never again look upon vinegar as a simple condiment, it has gathered quite a bit of respect in my eyes. For more clever uses of vinegar, click here.


  • Jann

    My sister turned me on to a nifty use of vinegar. Take a cotton ball and put vinegar on it and apply to clean nails before you polish them. I swear the polish will last longer and NO chipping.


    To get rid of thopse ugly slugs (snails) that crawl all over your deck and walkways mix a solution of 1.2 white vinegar and 1/2 water and just spray this on the slugs to kill them. Works like magic and is eco-freandly.

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