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How to make simple drop earrings

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beaded earringsDrop earrings are a classic style that can range from elegant to quirky depending on the beads that make up the earring. I am going to show you how to make your own. Drop earrings are easy and quick to make.

To choose your beads you will need to consider a few things. What kind of earrings do you want to make, elegant or quirky? I went with a more quirky style for the gallery pictures.Translucent colored glass or crystal beads are best for dressy, elegant earrings. Opaque colors make for a more fun earring. Also, you need at least one bead that will not slip off your head pin.

Simple drop earrings(click thumbnails to view gallery)

beads of your choice
3 head pins (an extra for if you mess one up)
2 Earring hooks

small needle-nose pliers
wire cutters

2-5 minutes

1. String your beads for one earring on the first head pin. You might want to try this a few different ways to see what order of beads you like best. It is usually best to have the sizes graduate from largest to smallest from the bottom up. If your largest bead slips off your head pin you can place a bead with a smaller hole on first as seen in picture 2. Make sure to leave some space above your beads as in picture 3.

2. Once you have all your beads on the head pin, take your pliers and bend the head pin over at a 90 degree angle from the beads. See picture 4.

3. Use your wire cutters to trim the remaining wire of the head pin to about 1/4 inch in length. Picture 5.

4. Pick up your earring and hold it with the cut wire pointing at you. Using your pliers grip the very tip of the wire and twist it away from you all the way over to the opposite side of the earring to form a loop. Pictures 7-9. You can use one finger to hold the bottom bead and wide still so this step is easier. This is called turning a loop. If you need further help understanding this step see the video on I mentioned in an earlier post.

5. Now you can attach the earring hooks. If your loops aren't fully closed simply slip the loop on the hook through the opening (picture 10) and then carefully close the loop the rest of the way. Picture 11. If your loop is fully closed, open it slightly by bending the wire up, not out so you don't weaken the wire.

To create your second earring repeat the process. Now you have a unique pair of earrings that you made yourself.

You can find head pins and earring hooks in, base metal in golf tone or silver tone, sterling silver, gold filled and 14k gold online or at your local craft store. I used sterling silver for the example. Sterling silver is softer that the base metal and therefore a little bit harder to work with. Base metal is less expensive but also doesn't last as long. Use whatever metal you prefer.

I also used special round nose needle-nose pliers that make the process of turning a loop a bit easier but regular blunt nose are fine if they are small enough.


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