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Rainy day fun coloring pages

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baby coloringIf you are a parent I am sure have had "one of those days" or maybe even several of them. Days when your kids are sick of every toy, book, coloring book, and movie they own. You can't throw them outside because it's raining, snowing, too cold or too hot. What is a parent to do on days such as this?

Download coloring pages! Coloring pages can be found all over the internet that are free to download. They are different from those "boring" coloring books that your kids rejected hours ago so they are a little more likely to hold their interest for a minute or two. All these coloring pages will cost you is some paper and printer ink.

I went and did some of the dirty work for you and found several sites that offer free printable coloring pages but you can always find more by entering "free coloring pages" in any search engine. If you are looking for characters your kids already know and love try adding their names to your search.
Hopefully your kids will enjoy their special computer coloring pages and give you, the tired parent, a bit of a break.


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