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Binary knitting

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Kellypuffs' rendition of the Binary scarf from Knitty Winter 06

If you know that you're a geek, or if you know that someone you know is a geek, or someone you know knows that you know you're a geek, or you know that being a geek is cool... well, you're a pretty knowledgeable person. Which probably means that you're smart enough to wear a scarf when it's cold outside.

Why not try Binary, from Knitty's archive? It'll keep you warm and keep your busy brain happy. Why? Because you can encode 122 bytes of information in it, that's why. Use this binary encoder as your first step towards putting all your secrets out in plain sight, or sending cryptic messages to unsuspecting passers-by.

Yeah, so, it's summer, you say. I won't need a scarf for months, you say. Ah, I say, small items like scarves make great summer knitting, because they don't behave like a blanket while you work on them (unlike sweaters and actual blankets). Binary is a complex scarf-knitting project, and you'll need some time to finish it. Then, when the cold weather comes, you won't be caught out without a scarf. And that's really what it's all about.


  • Ryan Carter

    Awesome, that warms my geeky heart, or geeky neck, as soon as I make a scarf out of it!

  • Nick Ciske

    Wow! I continue to be amazed at the creative uses people find for my Binary tool.

    Makes me wish my wife knitted...

  • kellyd

    I still haven't finished that scarf... :-)

  • M.E. Williams

    As Kelly's comment suggests, this is fairly advanced knitting! (Not only is it stranded colorwork, but you're basically coming up with your own design based on someone else's template.) Certainly achievable - it's not very difficult stranded colorwork - but probably not for beginners.

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