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DIY definitions: What is a DIY'er?

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painted hammer colorsI know some of our readers are right now thinking, "what in the known world is a DIYer?". Well, in short, it is anyone who is a do-it-yourself-er, meaning you find ways to do thing yourself instead of paying for it or being creative when no traditional solution exists. If you have ever built a bookcase, put in your own wood floor, remodeled a bathroom, raised plants, or built your own house, you are a DIYer.

You might wonder at the term DIY'er in our context, not just those who do home improvement and woodworking, but also anyone who knits, crafts, does scrapbooks, or science experiments in the backyard with (or without) the kids, tries to boost their PC's wireless signal or build a summer air-conditioning unit for your home without conventional means.

DIY'ers like you can be found in the wild today, often constructing a rock-wall for cheap landscaping, fixing a garden hose with duct-tape, and hunting their own food in the jungle (okay, not that last one so much). Everywhere you look these DIY'ers are busy hacking life and making things better (sometimes worse). DIY Life is here to help you find your DIY self, and become a bit more handy, learn a new trick or two, and in general have a better life that you can make with your own two hands. This is what we mean when we use the term DIY'er, in case you were wondering.

In the coming days, we here at DIY Life hope to give you an inside look at the essence of being a DIY'er and what it truly means to have a DIY Life, so stay tuned. Oh and if the picture is fuzzy, please feel free to whack your computer a bit, because after all, you built it yourself, didn't you?


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