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Make your own custom envelopes

Filed Under: art, Crafts, scrapbooking

handmade envelopesEnvelopes. Simple, ordinary things that none of us think about. Why would we? You grab one and throw a letter or note in and the only purpose for the thing is to get the note to its destination. If you think about it for one second though you might realize something. That boring, seemingly mundane, item is actually the first impression the note's recipient gets of said note and you the sender.

What does your envelope say about you? Not much I would guess if you are using a ordinary white thing that comes in a box of 500. Then again maybe it does say something, "this person wasn't very creative today." GASP! That is the worst thing an envelope could say about you, a DIY'er. So what are you going to do about it?

Why, make your own envelopes of course! Jox over at the knitted blog has a picture tutorial for making your own envelopes. You can use any paper you choose, including the many colorful and fun scrapbooking papers, and a express yourself at the same time. I have even used old magazine pages for mine.

I have made my own envelopes before and mailed them with no problem. However, I can make no claims myself as to what can or can't be mailed.



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