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Robot toilet loves you.

Japanese toilets are just... different from American toilets. Although there are many gory details that don't bear discussion here (different bowl designs, the continuing existence of squat toilets, etc.), Americans and Europeans returning from stays in Japan often rhapsodize about the technologically advanced toilets that are common there; if you have any interest in modern Japanese culture, the topic of toilets tends to come up in the early stages of your education. Heated seats, automatic flushes, cleansing sprays, music, you name it: these toilets are feature-laden, but for American homeowners, they're strictly a luxury item.

This did not stop a guy named Joe from rigging his own automatic flushing system, and making a YouTube video about it. Yes, these have been around in public bathrooms for years, but when was the last time you saw one in the average home? This toilet is not truly automatic, as it doesn't have a motion sensor, but it does allow for a slow-flushing toilet to be flushed more quickly. It also tracks the number of flushes. Check it out after the break.

Sadly, no instructions were included; let us know if you wind up trying something like this at home. (Why would you? Because you can.) The following Instructables may help you get a head start: Installing an automatic flusher, and setting up a foot flusher.

[Via Engadget]



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