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Pottercraft Redux

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SophieAngele in her Dragonmobile (Photobucket)

Last week, I made a little post called Pottercraft, which some of you seemed to like. But no sooner had the post gone up than I discovered a whole new cache of Harry Potter-related projects to delight and amuse... or bemuse, depending on your personal feelings about rampant fandom.

Many of the following projects were found on Instructables, and most are costume-related. A few are quite technical. While it's too late to work them up for a book release party, you can still get a head start on a cool Halloween costume or a present for your favorite Potter fan. There's also a contest where you can vote for your favorites (though not, alas, SophieAngele's dragon wheelchair, which she posted on Craftster).

Join me after the break for more wizardry!

If you've ever wanted to shut down your computer by shouting Avada Kedavra! at it, technick29's voice command recognition tutorial -- "Use Spells To Control Your Computer!" -- is for you.

I am terribly impressed with grimsqueaker's costume tutorials, involving skull-like Death Eater masks and a Dark Mark henna tattoo. But you say the dark side isn't for you? Grimsqueaker has also done a tutorial for Luna Lovegood's Radish Earrings (if you've finished Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, you now know the "radishes" to be "Dirigible Plums" -- if you haven't finished it, that's not much of a spoiler).

KaptinScarlet has two great ideas for wands. First, there's a basic, good-looking wand made from paper, hot glue or 5 to 30 minute epoxy, paint, and gilding. A "Lumos" expansion on the original wand design allows the maker to enclose an ultraviolet LED in the wand that will reveal any writing done in UV-sensitive invisible ink pen.

More costuming: Keggo24 presents a tutorial for an easy woven Hogwarts House scarf, perfect for people who don't knit or crochet. Robyntheslug's Half Hour Harry Hat resembles the little pointed caps worn by Hogwarts students. And wolfybrie's Hogwarts House Skirt, a short pleated skirt with a drop yoke, is easily adaptable to other costuming needs.

Owl-riffic: Kiteman shows you how to make an owl post kite, and shangrilarcadia has instructions for this "Ministry of Magic memo" (owl paper airplane).

You can always try these recipes for pumpkin juice (a favorite drink for wizard kids) and "Hogwarts Pumpkin Patch" ice cream.

Robes for All Occasions is a site devoted to Harry Potter costuming, covering all characters, from child to adult, as well as props like wands and candy, with links to vendors for people who can't or don't have time to complete costumes themselves. Watch out for broken links and incomplete pages here, though.

Finally, but never least, the last time I wrote on this topic I was hoping that a certain Craftster user would complete and post about a certain project she'd wanted to finish for the book party she was planning to attend. She has! Do not fail to check out SophieAngele's wonderful Dragon Wheelchair Makeover, which includes information on how to make your own papier-mache dragon head.


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