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Plastic shopping bags seem to accumulate in my house as quickly as the dust bunnies. Though I take most of the bags to a local grocery store that has a special recycling bin just for that purpose, I like to keep a few around the house for small jobs like lining bathroom trash cans or cleaning up after a messy art project. Instead of cramming the bags into a junk drawer or stuffing them underneath the sink, I turned an empty plastic milk carton into a bag holder that fits neatly on a shelf in my pantry.

The next time you finish a gallon of milk, clean it out by squirting in a dab of dish soap and filling it halfway with warm water. Replace the cap tightly and give it a few good shakes -- or hand it off to a nearby kid and let them shake it, they love to watch the suds form.

Rinse the jug thoroughly and allow to dry upside down overnight. Then, with a sharp pair of scissors, cut a circle about four inches across into the side of the jug. Now you're ready to stuff all your stray plastic bags into the new holder. You'll be amazed at how many you can cram in there, and love how they pop out like tissues when you need one.

  • mitrenegade

    thats a good idea! saves me a whole drawer. do you know if it'll be possible to recycle the bags at the grocery store if we just toss the whole jug into the bag recycling bin?

  • Lisa Hoover

    mitrenegade - I don't know for sure but I would imagine that would be all right since it all ends up being recycled anyway. I'd check with the customer service counter at the grocery store, though, just to be sure.

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