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Make a simple beaded necklace or bracelet

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beaded necklaceHandmade jewelry is my absolute favorite thing to make. You can create an elegant necklace or bracelet simply and easily without too much cost involved. All you need are few things you can find at any craft store, half an hour or less, a little patience and a flat surface.

We will be using beads for this project so before you begin you need to choose your beads. I like to use a few different sizes for my necklace but you can go with all the same size if you want to. I also like to have a few larger decorative beads as well as smaller beads to make up the body of the piece and set off the larger ones. Be sure a choose beads with colors that go well together. However, they do not all have to be the same color. Examples of what I am talking about can be seen in my example project.

Beaded necklace(click thumbnails to view gallery)

Tiger tail
2 crimp beads
jump ring (if the clasp doesn't have a ring)
seed beads or other small beads
larger decorative beads if desired

small needle nose pliers
wire cutters

Time: 15-30 minutes

  1. Cut your tiger tail to the desired length with the wire cutters. For the necklace in the example I cut mine to 30 inches.
  2. String your center bead on the tiger tail and move it to the center on the tiger tail.
  3. String on the beads you want next in any order you choose on one side on your center bead. I find that smaller beads in between the larger beads helps set them off nicely.
  4. Repeat the pattern on the other side if the center bead.
  5. String the rest of your beads on your necklace making sure both sides match exactly. Make sure to leave 2-3 inches at least of empty tiger tail at the ends to make finishing the necklace easier.
  6. To finish your necklace you will be working with one end at a time. To ensure your beads don't slip off the opposite end you might want to place a piece of tape around the tiger tail, folding the ends over so you can remove it later.
  7. String one crimp bead on one end of the tiger tail and the put either the jump ring or the clasp over the tiger tail.
  8. Loop the tiger tail back through the crimp bead and two or three beads.
  9. Pull the end of the tiger tail so the loop is fairly small but still allows the ring or clasp to move freely.
  10. Pinch the crimp bead with your pliers so that it flattens and holds the tiger tail in pace. You will have to squeeze fairly hard to ensure the tiger tail does not slip out. Cut off the remaining tiger tail as close to the beads as you can and work the short cut end under the beads.
  11. Repeat with the other end of your necklace and the clasp or jump ring, whichever you did not use the first time.
You did it! You made your own necklace. To make matching earrings see my post about it. You can also begin your piece by crimping one end and simply stringing your beads then crimping the other end. I like to leave both undone when I want a matching patten up both sides.

If you need help understanding how to crimp please see the video on They use special crimping pliers but simple needle nose pliers work just fine.


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