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Create your perfect dormroom online

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Going off to college is often a huge shock for Freshmen students. Not only are they leaving home for the first time, but they are living in a an all too often drab, uninspiring, concrete box called a dorm room. Add to that mix the fact that dorm rooms require a roommate situation and problems often arise. Dorm rooms can end up looking like a really bad mix of grandma's hand me downs and a garage sale gone bad.

The folks at Homeslyce have worked out a great solution to this problem. It is a way for college students to design their dorm room, buy the products and even collaborate with their future roommates, all online. The site offers a simple, comprehensive collection of bean bags, futons, water filter containers and linens. There is an option for both roommates to share the design and a shopping cart so that each roommate only has to pay for one half of the merchandise.

I wish there had been a site like this when I was in college. My roommate and I might not have squabbled so over her yellow shag carpet.


  • Kenneth

    Hi Heather!

    Thank you so much for writing about Homeslyce! You've definitely captured what we're trying to do:) That's really funny about the yellow shag carpet. It was just a TV for me and my roommate. Hope you have a great day!

    Much thanks!
    Kenneth Shaw (from Homeslyce)

  • Pongthai Asavanant

    From my experience, it is definitely true that my dorm room really looks like my storage at home. To create a living quarter and sharing the space with stranger is almost impossible. If our room is transformed into a heavenly place then there will be a great opportunity to get the opposite sex freshmen to visit our room. They will like to spend most of their time in our room.

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