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Pillowcase Skirt

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The pillowcase skirt is the easiest way to make your old sheets into new, fashionable attire. Your pillow may be ready for a change too, having the same wardrobe for too long is not only boring for you, but also something your pillow doesn't want either. Here is how you can put new life into your old sheets, and give your old pillowcase a spin out on the town.

What you'll need:
1 standard pillowcase
2 feet of 2" wide non-roll elastic (or enough to wrap around your waist)
seam ripper
matching thread

Step 1: Cut open the closed end of the pillowcase so that you have a long tube
This is the skirt without waistband.

Step 2: With seam ripper, open three inches of long seam on the end you just cut open
This will allow the elastic to be slid into the waistband

Step 3. Hem freshly cut end 2.5"
This creates a waist band and the three inches from the second task allows access for the elastic to slide through the waistband.

Step 4: Measure and cut elastic to fit where you want the skirt to lay (i.e waist or hips)

Step 5: Slide elastic through hem and sew elastic ends together

Step 6: Sew open elastic ends closed

Step 7: With seam ripper, open seam to create slit in the bottom of the skirt.

Step 8: Sew open seam back, making sure to sew across top of slit to prevent further tearing

Ta-dah! You're done.

1. You can use ribbon along the edges of the pillowcase to create a contrast on the bottom of the skirt.
2. After you cut open the skirt in the first instruction, pull the skirt on and up to the length you want; mark the pillowcase where your waist falls. Then you can cut and sew your skirt to the desired length.

This project is a great, easy way to make a comfy skirt. Because, let's face it, who wouldn't want to wear clean bed sheets to work?


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