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Whenever I think of my original Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), I get a warm, glowing feeling inside. Growing up in the early 80s, I have such fond memories of all those classic games -- being the first kid in my class to beat level 8-1 on Super Mario Brothers, finally figuring out how to kill Ganon in The Legend of Zelda (gold cartridge, of course), becoming an accredited, Nintendo Power-certified Tetris master -- so you can imagine the great and profound sadness I felt when I finally had to put down my original NES console. I've since replaced her with a nearly-new model from eBay, but I keep my original system in the closet, and still pull her out from time to time just to reminisce.

As the years have gone by, I've begun to wonder if I could find another use for my old NES friend. I hate to have her sitting in the bottom of the closet, gathering dust and spiders, when she could be repurposed for a different, grander purpose. After looking around online, it's amazing just how many DIY projects exist for old NES units.

With all these choices, it's going to be hard to narrow it down to just one project. Do you know of any more NES console or controller projects? If so, we'd love to hear about them. In the meantime, I think I'll keep my console hidden away until I figure out how to transform it into a Dr. Pepper-dispensing back massager... with HDTV capabilities.

  • Robert Sagen

    Excellent article, I seem to remember buying a few of these for my sons...several of your ideas were cool, I liked the one about the lunchbox and the wireless remote.
    Thanks for sharing

  • chaosgone

    I like the ideas. However, I am not a DIY person; I would end breaking the NES console in the process of taking it apart.

  • chaosgone

    Those are cool ideas. I am not a DIY person myself; I would end up breaking the NES console in the process of taking it apart. :)

  • Tom Suiter

    The Ultimate NES DVD Player Hack:

    Nobody has touched this guy's hack so far in terms of integrating the DVD into the NES case without garish unnatural holes, added connectors, or buttons.

  • Alejandro Moreno

    Excellent list!

    One quibble: the link to the NES computer points to the NES controller belt buckle. It should point to

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