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I drive a Ford Expedition with over 200,000 miles on it (248,327 to be exact) -- yes, you read right -- and even though it's still in excellent condition, a new stereo for this vehicle is really out of the question (or at least it should be.) I would however still love to listen to my new iPod Nano while heading out to the grocery store or while picking up my kids from baseball camp or rather just to pass the time when stuck on the Jersey turnpike.

My dilemma: WIRED magazine says that the simple FM adapters blow. Their solution: Install an auxiliary jack to plug directly into your MP3 player.

Here's how:
  1. RIP IT OUT. Most dash panels attach with screws or clips, so if you can't find screws, try pulling carefully or prying at the sides with a flat-head screwdriver. Wrap the tip with tape to avoid scratches.
  2. FIND AUX INPUT. Most after-market stereos have RCA jacks -- those red and white female connectors -- at the back for hooking up extra audio sources. Some factory-installed ones have them for a CD changer or satellite radio input.
  3. INSTALL A CABLE. Get a Y cable (also known as a RCA-to-1/4" mini stereo cable). This will connect those RCA jacks to your iPod's 3.5-mm stereo jack. Also works with non-iPod mp3 players.
  4. FIND YOUR SPOT. Plug the cable into the RCA jacks and snake the plug to a convenient location -- like the glove box. They suggest not drilling holes if you ever want to sell the car. -- Good advice.
  5. PUT IT BACK. Replace the dash panel. Be careful not to crimp the new wires.
All things considered ... It might just be easier to buy a new car.


  • John Coyote

    If you have a cassette player, the same adapter that you use for a walkman-type CD player will work just as well with an mp3 player (or anything with a headphone jack, for that matter.) The adapter looks like a cassette tape with a cord sticking out of one end that fits in any headphone jack. These are cheap, easy, and don't require any dismantling or re-wiring.

  • - $100,000 online in one year

    Good to know

  • James

    I purchase an Pyle PLMD2 FM Modulator from parts express and hooked this unit direct into the antenna connection in the trunk of my wife's 2001 Ford Taurus. It sounds great. All we had to do was to program one of her presets to 88.5mhz and we can either plug in her XM radio or her iPod.

    The only thing you may need is antenna adapters, and I found mine on ebay.

    Write me back if you need more information.


    So what if I dont have a Deck installed? No CD player nor Cassette player. I can still hook this up correct? I think I misread.

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