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Beaded crochet bracelet

Filed Under: jewelry-making, knitting and crochet

crochet hookI am mad. Why am I mad? Because I can't crochet and I want this awesomely adorable crochet beaded bracelet. The instructions and a picture tutorial can be found at the futuregirl craft blog. I can not say enough how much I want this bracelet! It is too cute for words and I can't make it! WAAAA!

Anyway, for those of you that can crochet please check out the tutorial and then make one for me. Okay, just kidding but I want you to know how awesome it is. This would be a great gift for any fun, craft loving, handmade jewelry lover in your life.

What makes this bracelet so great is that it is washable and so can be worn during all your summer activities that might crud it up. The pattern and pictures are copyrighted so I can't show it to you here. You'll just have to go check it out for yourself to see how awesome it is. Wait, did I mention this is awesome?


  • futuregirl

    Maureen - Thanks for featuring my bracelet! If you ever want to use images from my site for an article, just ask. :)

  • Maureen Carter

    Thanks a bunch! I still think its awesome. :)

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