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Sew an apron

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J. Caroline Creative's free apron pattern.

J. Caroline Creative has a basic apron pattern for you that is cute, easy, and best of all, free. It's not the easiest kind of apron to make (that would probably be a towel with a waistband tie stitched onto it), but it's close. Aprons like this one aren't only for cooking: they're useful for housework and crafting, too.

The pattern uses just a yard of fabric, plus some ribbon, d-rings, and a small piece of contrasting fabric for the optional front pocket. It would be a great beginning sewing project, particularly if you've become bored with making pillow covers. Using a gridded fabric like the one in the photo will help you line up all your elements evenly.

If you're more experienced, this apron could be a fast, inexpensive, and stylish housewarming gift, or just a low-stress project to use up stray bits of your fabric stash.

J. Caroline Creative also offers other tutorials on their site, and sells all the yummy fabrics you'll need to make them.

[ via Craftster. ]



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