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Between my two oldest children I have a whopping total of 14 years of lunch making and packing invested in them. It is always a struggle to find healthy food choices that they will actually eat. Sometimes I go on baking binges to entice their appetites, other times I resort to the evils of Lunchables.

Today I read about a mom, Biggie, who has made lunch making and packing a true art form. Her blog, Lunch in A Box, is full of great ideas, but the one that caught my eye is her hard boiled eggs that are colored and molded into cute shapes.

In her post she describes the process in which these beauties are born. The gist of it is that Biggie boils the eggs and then peels them while they are still very warm. She then inserts them into shapes, which in this case are Williams and Sonoma ice cream sandwich molds, and uses strong rubber bands to secure the tops. The molds are then placed in cold water and removed. Once out of the containers, the shapes are soaked in food coloring until the desired shade is reached. I am so inspired by this idea that I am going to give it a try!


  • Biggie

    Hey, thanks for the Lunch in a Box shout-out, Heather! If you have any problems making the eggs with the ice cream sandwich molds, just leave a comment on my original blog entry and I'll troubleshoot for you to the best of my ability. Off to explore more of your DIY blog!

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