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Recently, we showed you how to freshen a laundry load with vinegar. This reminded me of a similar experience I had.

For many years, I worked in an industrial setting. Our dishwashers ran for several hours per day. Despite the near-constant cleaning, they'd occasionally get stained. I was wondering what to do about it when someone suggested, "Run it with a packet of Kool-Aid."

Lemonade Kool-Aid, to be exact. With no dishes and Kool-Aid in the detergent compartment, we began a cycle. At the end, the stains were gone, as the citric acid in the mix had removed the stains (kind of makes you wonder about putting it in your body, doesn't it?).

It's a trick I've re-used, and the folks at Real Simple have made the same discovery. So, the next time you're grocery shopping, pick up some Kool-Aid. Oh, yeah!


  • deadlock32

    lol have you ever tried unsweetened koolade powder before? its terrible its extremely sour (not cute war heads sour, more like burn a hole though your tongue sour).

    So its not surprising that it would work, but neat to know.

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