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shopping bagsPlastic shopping bags. So convenient, so everywhere, so permanent. You can't avoid them really. Even if you are one of those super diligent people that have the canvas shopping bags for your grocery shopping. You still end up with a few plastic ones now and then. I promise I won't tell that you forgot your canvas bags that one time.

What can you do with these bags to reuse them and keep them out of landfills and oceans? Craftzine has an interesting article with lots of ideas on how to reuse plastic shopping bags and make some fun stuff in the process.

With everything from a rain coat to jewelry there is something for everyone. My favorite by far has to be knitting with them. They even link to a tutorial on how to make the bags into "yarn" so you can knit with them.

While I love many of the ideas there are a few that seem very impractical such as a dress and a sweater and skirt set. Wearing clothes made of plastic bags sounds very....... unpleasant and sweaty to me. There are some knitting projects that look very cool, including handbags.

Do you have any other ideas for reusing those plastic shopping bags that they didn't mention? If so let us know. I have so many of these things in my pantry that I could knit enough handbags for all my friends and family. Leave me a comment and let me know your ideas for plastic bags.



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