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Knit Harry Bear

Filed Under: kids, toys, Crafts, knitting and crochet's Harry BearSo his name's not Teddy.

Berroco is one of America's leading fashion yarn companies; most knitters know that their website is full of free patterns. One of the free patterns Berroco offers is for this sweet, cuddly Harry Bear. He's 12" tall and made from a single ball of their velvety chenille yarn, Chinchilla. I want to make one just so that I can hug it!

There's an intentional Harry Potter reference on Berroco's part, but the scarf is purely optional on yours. Check out the Kathryn Ivy blog to see Grace Schnebly's version of Harry Bear, done in soft beige, with some notes on the project. In short, she says that the bear wouldn't be too hard for beginners, but that Chinchilla is not the easiest yarn to work with, something that's true of any chenille yarn.

[via CRAFT ]


  • Opera Rat

    Does he come in a kit?

  • M.E. Williams

    I don't think he does - that's something you'd have to ask Berroco. He really only takes one ball of Chinchilla, though, plus some scrap yarn. Chinchilla is widely available at Local Yarn Shops (not craft stores, but specialized knitting shops), and there are stores that sell it online.

    It seems like the scarf option is there for people who have the yarns lying around, maybe as leftovers from making a similar scarf for a kid. It wouldn't make sense to buy a whole ball of the yellow yarn just to make a few tiny stripes, so you could probably use something like Wool-Ease to work up something similar for less money. Anyone who can finish the bear would certainly be able to figure out a preferred cheat for the scarf, if they wanted. :)

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