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I am constantly cleaning my house with items I have in my home. One of those items is table salt. Table salt doesn't give me migraines like the commercial products you buy on the market today and it is just as effective as those smelly products.

According to the Salt Institute, there are more than 14,000 uses for salt. That amazes me, but then again, my mom was always using it for something besides our food. I personally would rather use it for anything besides food and I rarely ever use it for cooking purposes. What do you use salt for?

-Sometimes when I get over friendly with the soap I put in my washing machine and it starts to overflow with suds, I just open her up and sprinkle salt on top of the suds and the suds disappear.

-When I dust, I always seem to forget to clean my artificial flowers. By the time I remember, they seem to be coated with a month's worth of dust. I just take a zippered plastic bag, place some salt in the bag along with the dirty flowers and give it to my toddler to shake. I know the flowers are clean when the salt turns brown.

-So you're outside enjoying the gorgeous weather, playing in your flower garden and you got stung by a bee, right? Stop the pain of the bee sting instantly by wetting your skin thoroughly and rubbing salt on it. This also works for mosquito bites.

-Rover got fleas? Before he gets in the doghouse again, wash it down with salt water but do not rinse. Sprinkling salt around areas that pests and rodents seem to get into your house will eliminate those unwanted visitors.

-If you have drooped an egg on the kitchen floor, just sprinkle enough salt to cover the mess and let sit for about 2o minutes. You'll be able to sweep up the mess with no problems.

-If you don't know whether your eggs are fresh or not, put 2 teasppons of salt into an 8 ounce cup of water. Gently drop the egg in. If it sinks it is fresh, if it floats say goodbye to that rotten egg.

-Salt will smother a kitchen grease fire, which is great, considering you should never throw water on a grease fire.

-Keep your fresh cut flowers around longer by add a pinch of salt to the water.

-Put about 2 teaspoons in your wash machine to keep your colors brighter.

-If you happen to run out of toothpaste, you can brush your teeth with equal parts baking soda and salt. Salt also works well as a mouthwash.

-We have a walkway on our lawn that leads from our front door/deck to the driveway and the cracks between the corrugate always seem to fill with grass and weeds. I sprinkle salt on the grass, and then pour very hot water over it, thus effectively killing the grass growing in the cracks.

  • amanda

    I made a silly mistake before going to a job interview: I had lunch (and the subsequent spill). While water and soap removed the offending lunch, my blouse was soaked. The helpful (and wonderful) waitress recommended that I rub salt into the wet spot -- perfect solution! The salt dried my shirt almost instantly and I presented for a flawless interview.

  • flaring

    Table salt is extremely toxic-- too much so to be used as an herbicide. Salt will not only kill whatever plants you put it on, it will also sterilize the soil, kill beneficial soil organisms, kill any passing insects, possibly poison birds coming in contact with the area, and contaminate the groundwater.

  • Dave Caolo

    I use kosher salt to clean up red wine spills. Pour a good amount onto the spill on a carpet. Let it soak up the wine briefly, then clean up the salt. It may take a few applications, but it works.

  • Steve

    Using salt to put out a fire is extremely dangerous. As a former firefighter, I can attest to seeing many people burned (some severly) trying this technique. Do the smart thing, and have an extinguisher in your kitchen, know how to use it, and call 911 for ANY fire!

  • salt is BAD

    Read the book KILLER SALT. You won't touch the stuff ever again!

  • Salt is BAD!

    Read the book KILLER SALT and you'll never touch the stuff again! EVER!

  • jensing

    To clean out burned coffee pots,I put ice cubes and salt in the cotainer and mix it around until clean. It sure beas trying to get your hands inside commercial coffee pots.

  • deb

    My cast-iron skillet gets washed only with heat, oil, and salt. It's the best!

  • Deb


  • Deb

    Coarse Kosher salt for the skillet, by the way...

  • GuyBySea

    I have found that salt is especially good on French fries. lol

  • Deanna

    I use salt to remove any dark liquid stains such as blood, grape juice, etc... just dampen the item and pour a little salt on it, rub together and let it soak up the stain.

  • Ken

    Salt works well on an unwanted tree stump. Cut it down as far as you can, and put salt on and around it. After about 1 year, you are able to break it apart, and grass is growing fine around it.

  • Dea

    I use salt to remove dark liquid stains, such as blood, grape juice, etc.
    Just dampen the item, add salt, rub gently and let dry. The salt soaks up the stain and then wash.

  • Phil Hey

    Table salt and vinegar are very good for removing oxidation from copper.

  • anonymous

    Don forget what they used salt for in the middle ages: packing wounds. It was especially a favorite in torture chambers for a device called "The Saw" which was, as it sounds, one of the messier instruments of the activities of the day. A person would be suspended upside down by their feet and a two person saw would be used to cut the person in half, starting at the crotch and working towards the head. When the person passed out from the pain (usually when the torturers got through the pelvis bone), the wound would be packed with salt so the person wouldn't die while they waited for them to regain consciousness. See? Even back then they knew many uses for it!

  • Steve

    When you're at home, or in a restaurant, and have a glass of ice soda or ice water, sprinkle salt on to the napkin or coaster at the bottom. It will stop the coaster or napkin from sticking to the glass each time you lift it to drink. It's nice not to have a cold, wet napkin or water from a coaster fall on your lap while you're eating.

  • c smith

    I can't imagine brushing my teeth with salt!!!!

  • GuyBySea

    Try salt on French Fries or Pretzels. It's great. lol

  • stella

    really enjoyed this site helpful information

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