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Whether we realize it or not, our homes are filled with energy-starved appliances. TVs, refrigerators, computers, coffee makers, popcorn machines - you name it, and I bet it's using more than its fair share of electricity. There are, however, many tips, tricks and tweaks to help regular consumers, like you and I, wrangle in our scattered herd of energy-chewing appliances.

Let's start with an appliance that you might not give much notice to: your freezer. In terms of energy consumption, it's one of the hungriest appliances in your kitchen (just behind the refrigerator), but luckily there's a simple, and entirely practical way to lower how much electricity your freezer uses. The key is to stuff your freezer as full as it will go; the less empty space you have to cool, the less your freezer will need to run. If you don't have enough food that needs to be kept frozen, use water-filled milk jugs to fill the void. In case of a power outage, the frozen jugs of water will help keep your food from spoiling, and in the case of a water outage, they'll serve as drinking water reserves.

It may not seem like much, but every little bit helps. We'll be back with more simple tips and tricks you can use around your house to help lessen your energy footprint, but in the meantime, we'd love to hear about any that you may already use.

[via Tricks of the Trade]

  • Lisa Hoover

    I have a large family and I'm considering buying a standalone freezer. I'd like to put in my garage but I live in Florida and worry that it will have to work extra hard to keep my food cold (and drive up my electric bill in the process). Does anyone have any thoughts?

  • artifex

    More important even than filling it to the brim is to make sure it doesn't ice up. Ice is a thermal insulator.

    Something else to remember that is less obvious: don't stick anything really heavy in the door, because it might not seal properly after you swing it back and forth a few times.

  • Big Poppa Chuck

    Jugs of water are a great idea. You are feeding some addiction I didn't know I even had. Thanks.

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