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Paint your luggage

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Painted suitcase by Flickr's retuta

Summer time is vacation time. Some people are trying to travel as much as they can while the weather is nice, and some people have to finish their trips before the kids go back to school. Either way, why not inject a little crafty fun into your jaunts by decorating your luggage?

At the Baxter Bulletin, DIY superstar Kathy Cano Murillo suggests several ways to spruce up your bags. Whether you go with polka dots, rubber stamps, or glitter, you'll find something to set your stuff apart at the airport claim area.

If your luggage is nice and new-looking, and you don't want to follow Kathy's suggestion of picking up a small carry-on to decorate instead, you could try customizing your luggage tags. You can experiment without fear: the project is so small that the stakes are very low.

At best, you'll have a tag you love and the courage to work on your new luggage too, or to pick vintage luggage up from a thrift store and give it a new look. (You can see something like this in the photo above.) At worst, you'll wind up buying a new tag.


  • Mina Lucas

    I have always put my initials on my bag using electrian's tape, ever since someone misstook my bag for theirs. Her idea makes a designer bag for everyone.

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