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Get sexy, smoky eyes in just a few minutes

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Have you ever looked at those Olsen twins and wondered just how they got those smoky peepers? No, they are not Egyptian goddesses. Sure, they have had y make-up artist apply color to their eyes, but you can do it, too. Maybe not in a blink of the eye, but with a little practice you, too, can have sexy bedroom eyes.

First you'll need a few items:
  1. Three shades of of eyeshadow. These don't have to be monochromatic, you can work with a variety of colors as long as they suit your coloring.
  2. A steady had will come in handy for this effort. Try this at a time when you don't have to be anywhere in the next five minutes. Once you get it down, you won't need much time to throw the look together.
  3. A decent mirror. I like the mirrors that have reality on one side and SUPER , UP CLOSE reality on the other side.

Next you'll need to follow a few simple steps:
  1. Start by applying the highlight color to your brow line and upper lid. This gives your eyes an added illusion of size.
  2. Apply the middle color from your lashes to the highlighted area of your lid. Be sure to blend the mid color and the lightest color to avoid any harsh lines between the two.
  3. Apply the darkest color along the lashes. Then use your finger to blend the dark color with the medium color.
  4. Follow this up with a good, quality mascara and you will have a set of sexy eyes to show off to just about anybody.



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