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I don't like folding my clean clothes, especially my shirts. To attest to this fact, I have a laundry basket sitting in the corner of my room that's literally overflowing with clean, but incredibly wrinkled t-shirts. Each morning, when I'm wasting time ironing that day's shirt, I think to myself, "if only I'd take the time to fold these darn shirts, I wouldn't have to waste my time ironing them every freaking morning. Why won't someone invent a shirt folding robot, and end my miserable plight?!" Unfortunately, the good people at Honda have yet to respond to my letters asking them to teach Asimo how to fold t-shirts, which means I'm stuck doing this tedious job manually for the rest of my life... or am I?

When I came across this video from Dan Pereda earlier today, demonstrating how to build and use your own t-shirt-folding machine, I nearly fell off my chair. It seems as though Dan has created a simple folding mechanism out of little more than foamcore and duct tape, and in so doing has solved one of the most pressing problems of all-time.

I can't wait to go buy some foamcore, and build one of these machines later tonight. I bet I can burn through my entire basket of t-shirts in less than an hour! Woo hoo! My life is finally complete! Thank you t-shirt-folding machine! THANK YOU!!!

  • Val

    Heh.. my mother has a business..she s an owner of clother shopes. i offered her this machine (the copyrights r reserved!!) :) i think she ll take it ;)

  • a_webb

    Sorry to burst your bubble. There is a product that already does this. It's called FlipFOLD. Check it out here:

  • Dan Chilton

    Burst my bubble? Are you kidding me?! That's great news!!! My eyes have been opened to the wondrous world of t-shirt folding machines!

  • Balu

    Who needs a folding "machine" when you can do it the origami way?

  • Dan Pereda

    Wow! Thanks! I don't think I deserve a Nobel prize, but I will take it anyway. I can't take full credit I did see this elsewhere first, but it was poor quality and hard to understand, so I redid it and added upgrades. The upgrades I believe are 100% original. - Dan Pereda

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