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earbud cords tangledLifehacker brings us yet another great inventive idea they found on Instructables. A 5 minute or less job to keep those nifty though slightly too big ear-buds detangled. All you'll need for this is a junk-mail or old (and hopefully expired) credit card, scissors, and 5 minutes.

The basic idea is to cut certain notches into the card, so your earbud wires are held by the plastic and wound up neatly. I can't tell you how many times a day I fight with my earbuds to stop getting all twisted, and I keep them in the same place, they rarely ever leave my desk, so I can't imagine floating around a backpack or briefcase, and the tangled mess it would become.

Check out the full details at Instructables, and don't forget to browse around LifeHacker's site as well, both are great resources for finding and finishing that perfect DIY project.

[via Instructables]

  • Mike Heinz

    Here's a simpler suggestion: Use a round Altoids tin. I can't really explain why, but ever since I started loosely winding my ear buds and then dropping them into the tin, they don't get tangled - or tangled much, anyway.

    I suspect it's because the tin protects the rolled up buds from getting twisted up in my pocket.

  • Billy


    Thanks for mentioning one of our projects, we're glad you liked instructables. If you thought the credit card earbud wrapper was interesting you should check out some of our other projects. Right now we have a few contests going on. If you check their pages here and here you can find all the great projects that have been submitted.

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