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Getting kids to go green

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Most of us understand that we need to do something, some of us even understand what to do, but unfortunately few of us are actually doing anything at all. Our best bet -- start 'em young!

Lucky for us, Al Gore thinks so too. He has adapted his best-selling environmental handbook - An Inconvenient Truth -- for children ages 11 and up. The book explains the crisis of global warming in a kid-friendly way and suggests little things kids can do themselves to conserve energy -- from replacing regular lightbulbs with low-wattage, fluorescent ones to reusing plastic water bottles.

The best part: Children who are more environmentally aware will usually ask their parents to buy more green products resulting in the whole family going green.


  • Fran

    Reuse plastic water bottles-- that's ridiculous. Drink water out of a fountain or a glass or a paper cup like 15 years ago and voila--no unwanted bottles. The public focus on reuse and recycling is misguided; to REDUCE what you buy is the significant action. That's the inconvenient part that is so often glossed over. If everyone refused to purchase water in small plastic bottles just think how many fewer plastic bottles there would be. I hope Gore's book emphasizes reduction and not just reuse/recycle.

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