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hair dryerThe rust-colored circa 1981 tile in the half bath is finally removed, all of your hard work chipping, yanking and pulling finally showing results. Now for the easy part -- laying your new tile, right?

Wrong. Just when you thought the hard part was over. You can't put down new tile when all that old adhesive is still clinging for dear life to the subfloor. It will be an uneven mess, and your new grout will not stand the test of time.

Well, fine. It can't be that hard to remove the adhesive. Just a quick scrape and the subfloor will be as good as new.

Wrong again. When something has been stuck to plywood for twenty-five years, it is going to be a challenge to get off. Sure, you could go to your local hardware store and grab a can of the super-smelly toxic goo that eats away at the adhesive, making a big gummy mess to be scraped away. And after your brain cells recover, you may even be able to admire your work.

Why not try your hair dryer instead? Really! The heat from the hair dryer helps to release the adhesive, making it much easier to scrape away from the subfloor. The result will be the smooth, even surface you want for laying the mortar or adhesive for the stylin' new tile you have picked out.


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