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Did you know that duct tape can remove warts? I'd heard that tip before, but always thought it was more myth than matter-of-fact. I figured that any improvement on a duct taped wart could be attributed to the placebo effect, but then I ran across this article stating the exact opposite.

According to the study, duct tape was more effective at removing warts that having multiple treatments of cryotherapy, which is the fancy way of saying, "having those suckers froze off." Having placed my faith in science and medicine from a very young age, it's hard for me to reconcile the fact that an expensive, and somewhat painful procedure can be outdone by a $4 roll of duct tape, but it's hard to argue against these facts:

"In patients treated with duct tape, 85 percent of the warts completely resolved, compared with 60 percent in the cryotherapy group. These results were statistically significant. Resolution of warts treated with duct tape usually occurred within the first 28 days of therapy."

Add this to the other 1,403,349 valuable uses for duct tape, and you can see why it's the DIY-er's multi-purpose tool of choice. Now, if only I could figure out a way to combine duct tape, vinegar, and WD-40 together... I could rule the DIY WORLD!!!

[via Neatorama]


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