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Amigurumi-o-rama Part 2: Food

Filed Under: toys, Crafts, knitting and crochet

Cupcake Bears by Flickr user Amigurumi Kingdom.

In the last couple of days, we've taken a long look at amigurumi and discovered some darling patterns for animals to crochet or knit. Today, it's all about food.

Amigurumi food tends to skew cute, childish, and sugary: for several reasons, you're more likely to find a pattern for anthropomorphized vegetables or frosted cupcakes than for a juicy steak, though steak wouldn't be out of the question if it had big eyes and a tiny smile.

More after the break! And join us tomorrow for the wrap-up of my Amigurumi-o-rama: pop culture amigurumi.

  • Dave Caolo

    Wow, those are awesome.

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