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Ready, set, paint your station wagon. Pimp your ride, however you like to say it. Seriously, is it even worth it to attempt to do that which only professionals have done? You be the judge, but we say of course! It is always at least worth a try. Well, I suppose your car isn't something you want to ruin, cause it isn't like you can just get a new one from the hardware store. Statracing has an excellent and quite thorough tutorial with photos on how to pimp your own ride with a brand new paint job.

Painting your vehicle can be a big undertaking, when you are doing it all yourself. There are many things you need to take into account before doing this job, but fortunately, it looks like this Statracing tutorial has it all. They even include how to mix paint, test pattern, painting technique, and other details. I must say the finished product is quite impressive.


  • ksmith

    How about the $50 paint job?

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