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Tap into your inner-child with these fun Lego ideas and crafts.

There are lots of toys on the market today that can teach children the joy of building stuff, but few are as venerable and versatile as the classic LEGO. For the last 75 years, these colorful connecting blocks have captured the imagination of kids and adults alike, combining to create some truly unique LEGO structures, machines, and useful devises.

In honor of the company's platinum anniversary, we thought it would be fun to create a comprehensive compendium of LEGO projects (and other cool creations). Whether you're wanting to build your own LEGO ultrasonic sonar or rubber band gun, I'm sure you'll find one or two projects on this list that will spark your inner LEGO-addict, compelling you to either drag out the old bucket full of blocks from your closet, or go buy a brand new set from the store.

  1. LEGO Guitar Hero controller - This one's been making the rounds lately, and for good reason... a hand-crafted Guitar Hero controller is cool, but one made entirely out of LEGOs is even cooler.
  2. LEGO real guitar - Combine this with the Guitar Hero project above, and you'd have one sweet G.H. controller. Better yet, make it interchangeable between controller and real guitar... AWESOME!
  3. LEGO USB flash drive - You can either roll your own, or buy one pre-made. The choice should be simple for our DIY-ers.
  4. LEGO dog treat dispenser via IM message - I wonder if this could be modified to work with those tasty beef jerky nuggets, but instead of giving it to a dog, have the machine drop it into my mouth? If so, that would be AWESOME!
  5. LEGO trebuchet - Fun, potentially dangerous (if aimed directly at your eye), and made with LEGOs. What more could you ask for?!
  6. LEGO USB crank charger - This handy little device can charge anything that receives current via USB port.
  7. LEGO air conditioner - Not only is this project an impressive sculpture, but it's also fully functional. That's cool (literally). *rim shot*
  8. LEGO barcode scanner - Uh... this is neat. Right?
  9. LEGO ultrasonic sonar - This could also be used as an effective electronic range meter.
  10. LEGO Rubik's cube - If LEGOs don't take up enough of your time as is, maybe you should use them to create another time drain: the Rubik's cube.
  11. LEGO difference engine - I'm not going to lie to you... I have no idea what a difference engine is. What I do know is that this thing is big, cool, and complex-looking. If it can be modified to drop beef jerky into my mouth, it might just be the greatest invention since the t-shirt folding machine.
  12. LEGO yarn winder - You've got lots of yarn. You've got lots of LEGOs. This project is the inevitable outcome of the two.
  13. LEGO NES case mod - When you're finished, you can build a LEGO robot to beat Super Mario Brothers!
  14. LEGO SNEX mod - If you're looking for something a little more advanced than 8-bit, try this SNES / Xbox mod.
  15. LEGO Han Solo in carbonite - Not necessarily a project, but damn cool none-the-less.
  16. LEGO desk - I bet the desktop surface doesn't lend itself to writing.
  17. LEGO MP3 player docks - Sync up your iPod or vintage shuffle with one of these sweet docks.
  18. LEGO MP3 player - If you don't already have an Apple-branded MP3 player, why not make your own out of LEGOs?
  19. LEGO salt and pepper shakers - As if having salt and pepper in one container wasn't cool enough, check out this color-coordinated container that allows you to control the ratio of salt to pepper, or vice versa. Perfect for seasoning your beef jerky!
  20. LEGO rubber band gun - Fun, potentially dangerous (if aimed directly at your eye), and made with LEGOs. That sounds vaguely familiar.
  21. LEGO computer case - It might not be the most attractive computer case, but for what this guy managed to cram inside, it's pretty impressive.
  22. LEGO stop-action music videos - Amateur vs. professional: both equally awesome.
  23. LEGO construction software - Having trouble thinking of your own LEGO creation? This software lets you use virtual LEGOs to create whatever your heart desires.
What awesome LEGO projects have you created? None, you say?! Well, I think it's high time to break out the ol' blocks and start building!

  • ksmith

    So you have the Rubik's cube, but not the solver?

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