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Incredible shrinking plastic things

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kid looking in the ovenDo you remember Shrinky Dinks? They were very popular when I was a kids. In fact you weren't cool if you had never played with these things. You know, the plastic beads that you assembled into a shape, then melted together to make it stick?

The problem I always had with them was that I wanted to make my own designs. I didn't want He-man or Barbie. I wanted ... well I don't remember but I wanted to make my own.

If only I had known Chrisjob from Curbly. He shows you how to to make you own shrinky plastic thingys. In his step by step tutorial we learn how to make them and have fun at the same time.

This is a great project to do with kids. Notice I said with kids, that is because you will be using a hot oven to shrink the plastic. If you have an oven with a window it's even better because your kids can watch the fun transition to shrinksville.


  • M.E. Williams

    Once upon a time, around five years ago, I was really into shrink plastic. Some people recommend using a toaster oven, but I was using my real oven because my toaster oven never got hot enough to really shrink the plastic.

    Then, one day, one of my pieces was going wrong and I needed to get it out quickly. I accidentally smacked my wrist on the top element of the oven as I was pulling the pan out.

    I survived, obviously, but with a burn that I'd describe as about second-and-a-half degree. =/ I haven't done any shrink plastic projects since! And I've never had a craft-related injury that was anywhere near as bad.

    So I have to double-stress that ppl have to be very, very careful when doing this project.

  • Maureen Carter

    As I said, this uses the oven so yes care is needed. But no more than when baking. I have burned myself while baking and cooking numerous times but that doesn't keep me from doing it. So, yes be careful but being overly paranoid isn't needed either.

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