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hot temperature signAre you tired of getting into a 150 degree vehicle after a long day at work? Are you sick of grabbing your sun glasses off your vehicle console only to have them melt into your nose when you put them on? Have those vinyl burns on the backs of your thighs healed up yet? There's a simple solution to vehicle interior overheat that will take you about 10 minutes to make and the chances are that you already have what you need to make it right at your finger tips. It's simple, cheap and easy to store when not in use.

On your kitchen floor, roll out two strips of aluminum foil, shiny side down. The strips should be about 5 feet long. Line up the strips side by side and use duct tape to cover the seam, then put tape around the entire edge to provide strength. Be sure to overlap the duct tape at the corners for added support. Only allow the tape to be exposed on the dull side of the foil. This will be the inside of your sunscreen shade. Next, roll up your new sunscreen in a loose roll about as big around as a roll of toilet paper, carefully flatten it out and store it under your car seat along with four clips used for sealing snack bags.

Now, the next time you park your car where you know the sun will be shining in the windshield, take your sunscreen out and place it on top of the dashboard. Put your vehicle sun visors in their down position. Starting at your left, use the bag clips to fasten your sunscreen to the front of your sun visors and tuck the bottom edge against the windshield. Presto, you have now shaded your entire windshield area from the heating rays of the sun.

home made sunscreen

  • Peter

    And how is this easier than buying a decent cardboard screen for $5 that will last for years?

  • Phred

    I prefer the folding circle type - not more than two seconds to fold or unfold.

  • James Michalek

    Are you insane? The shiny side of aluminum foil will knock someone's eyes out! Besides, you can buy a more than adequate sunscreen at the damn Dollar Store!

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