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Beat shoe odor and have a sweeter smelling home

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I have a 14 year-old boy in my home who has officially hit puberty. Not only does this mean that our weekly grocery bill is astronomical, it means that he is developing smells. There is simply no gracious way to put that sentence. He is 100% clued in to the shower aspect of this age, but still his lower extremities have started to stink. I can smell his feet in the car, when he plops them up on the couch and especially when I pass by his shoes. Luckily, he and I have a pretty close relationship and I have been able to tell him straight up that his dogs are smelly and that his shoes must live outside until we find a remedy for the stench. After some research, I found the following hints on how to keep his feet smelling better and my nose from working overtime.

  1. Give the offensive shoes a thorough bath using ample amounts of detergent and bleach.
  2. After washing, sprinkle inside with baking soda and let sit overnight.
  3. Give shoes a daily spritz with deodorizers specifically designed to combat food odor.
  4. Remember to scrub feet in the shower with soap and thoroughly dry them after the shower.
  5. Try using a foot powder designed for foot odors.
Bonus tip: Fabreeze is truly a revolutionary product that is also good at eliminating odors, though it is more chemical and not quite as friendly for the environment.
We are about to implement the above regime in our home. Do you have a person with smelly feet in your household? If so, how do you manage the problem?



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